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The Gallery

Here are some examples of previous projects...

Living Room

This room was stripped of all the old wallpaper and then all of the walls were re-lined. The ceiling was painted white, the woodwork was painted in white satin and the walls were given two coats of “Craft Fair” by Crown. (Colour matched by Johnstones.) This colour has made the room feel so much warmer and cosier than it was, and I think it matches the fireplace beautifully.

Hall, stairs and landing

This gorgeous three-storey hall, stairs and landing turned out to be just stunning after its makeover! All of the walls below the picture rails were stripped and re-lined with 1400 grade lining paper. Then they were painted with Dulux durable matt in “Runaway.” The upper walls and celings were painted in brilliant white. All of the woodwork was painted with Benjamin Moore Satin in brilliant white. The result speaks for itself!

Hall, Stairs and landing

This hallway was given a new lease of life after having been stripped of all the old paper that was literally falling off by itself. I re-papered the whole space and repainted the ceilings in Tikkurila anti-reflex brilliant white paint. The woodwork was painted with Benjamin Moore Scuff-x in white satin. A whole new look was achieved and the brand new carpet added the finishing touch.

Hall,stairs and landing

This huge three-storey hallway was transformed after I had filled large holes in the walls and gave it a new lick of paint. The ceilings were painted in Brilliant white Tikkurila Anti-Reflex. The walls were given a coat of durable matt in McPhearsons and the woodwork was painted in Benjamin Moore Scuff-x white satin.

Utility room and toilet

This utility room and toilet look fantastic now that they’ve had some colour added to create interest and it’s a pleasant change to the previously plain white walls. The blue walls in the utility room were painted in “Sapphire Salute” by Dulux.


A beautiful new bathroom with new bare plaster walls was painted with “Dix Blue” by Farrow and Ball. (Colour matched by McPhearsons.) The woodwork was painted with Benjamin Moore Scuff-X Satin in brilliant white.

Hall, stairs and Landing

This large three-storey hallway needed a lot of work doing to it. The results were fantastic! I used Valspar “Innocent Ivory” on the walls (colour matched in McPhearsons.) The ceilings were painted with Tikkurila Anti-Reflex paint in brilliant white. The woodwork was given two coats of Scuff-X in brilliant white by Benjamin Moore.


A boring magnolia kitchen was really freshened up after being painted in “Card Room Green” by Farrow and Ball (Colour matched in McPhearsons.) The ceiling was stain blocked due to previous water damage before being painted white, and the woodwork was painted in white satin Scuff-X by Benjamin Moore. I think this kitchen can now be called delicious!

Hall, Stairs and Landing

This area went through a huge transformation! It was stripped of its 30-year-old wallpaper and then the whole hallway was re-plastered before being painted.

The stair-wall colour is ‘Soft Stone’ by Dulux in silk. The rest of the walls were painted in ‘Hessian’ by Dulux in silk. All of the woodwork was then given 2 coats of Benjamin Moore Scuff-x Satin, in brilliant white.

Modern Hall, Stairs and Landing

This modern hallway was huge and took a lot of work. The stairs were the biggest project as they needed a lot of time to put right after being badly painted previously. All of the woodwork was sanded right back, stain blocked twice, given an oil-based undercoat and then topped with 2 coats of Leyland High Gloss in brilliant white.

The ceilings were painted in brilliant white with a silk finish and the walls were painted in brilliant white with a mid-sheen finish. I think it looks so bright and airy now.

Living Room

This room is an excellent example of how good a space can look when the walls and woodwork are painted in the same colour. This beautiful room was completely changed by the use of this bold and moody colour named ‘Juniper Ash’ by Little Greene.


An unusually long and narrow toilet room was given an injection of personality with the application of this stunning urban housing design.

Children’s Bedroom Wallpaper

The new feature wall really sets off this kids’ bedroom. The children were happily searching for all of their favourite animals in the paper and were so excited to be moving back into their new grown-up bedroom!

Hall, Stairs and Landing

My clients decided to turn everything on its head for the decoration of this three-storey hallway by using colour for the woodwork and white for the walls.

The banisters are painted in ‘Obsidian Green’ by Little Greene. The skirting boards and architraves were painted in ‘soft stone’ by Dulux. All of the doors were treated with High Solid Osmo Oil.

Front door

Parts of the wood around this door had dry rot. All the rot was scraped out and the remaining wood treated with hardener before being filled. All the woodwork was painted using Zinnser Allcoat. The windowsill and step were given two coats of masonry paint and then treated with some patio sealer to add a layer of protection, due to it being a high traffic area.

Feature Wall

This feature wallpaper really gave a new focus to the room and to what was previously a large blank wall.

Living Room

This stunning gothic / skull inspired living room pushes boundaries with its black ceiling painted in ‘Nevermore’ by Valspar. The walls are painted with ‘Whisper Softly’ by Valspar which adds contrast to the darkness of the black and keeps the room bright and reflective. The woodwork was painted with Benjamin Moore Scuff-x in brilliant white satin. The gorgeous skull wallpaper is from Graham and Brown and definitely adds a feature to the room that will become a talking point for guests.


This gorgeous spare bedroom was painted using ‘Yeabridge Green’ by Farrow and Ball (colour matched by Johnstones.) My client was inspired to choose this colour by her garden and her love of plants.

Hall, Stairs and Landing

This is quite a dark area in the property due to having no natural light and it needed brightening up. Two coats of ‘Toulon’ by B&Q made such a difference by reflecting what little light there is and providing a beautifully calming feeling to the house.

Living Room

This fireplace wall was fitted with fake panelling that once painted looked so expensive and chic. I gave it two coats of ‘De Nimes’ by Farrow and Ball (colour matched by Johnstones.) The rest of the room was freshened up too and the dappled lighting really brings it all together and adds a stunning visual effect.


This kitchen needed a new look and this minty green colour paired with black work surfaces and white units really lifts the whole room and makes it feel a lot brighter than it did with its previous magnolia walls.

Feature Wall Mural

This made to measure wallpaper was a dream to hang! I lined the wall first with Wallrock thermal liner in order to add insulation to what is a very thin adjoining wall and cold part of the room.

Hall, Stairs and Landing

This was a very satisfying transformation to complete! All of the woodwork (except for two doors upstairs which are to be replaced) was previously treated with a brown wood stain. I stain blocked all of the wood and painted it all white with Benjamin Moore Scuff-X satin. A new carpet will be laid down the centre of the stairs in due course and this will really bring the space together and add a softer touch to compliment the sanded wooden floorboards. The walls were given two coats of ‘Singing Sand’ by Johnstones.

Feature Wall

This beautiful feature wallpaper was hung in a small toilet room and it really adds interest and colour to what is a very tight space.

Hall, Stairs and Landing

This hallway was painted with durable matt emulsion in ‘Ammonite’ by Farrow and Ball (colour matched by Johstones.) The spindles are an interesting feature of this house and were given two coats of white satin water-based paint along wih the rest of the woodwork.


This gorgeous kitchen was recently remodelled and needed painting. The walls received two coats of ‘Timeless’ by Dulux and the woodwork was painted with hard-wearing Benjamin Moore Scuff-X Satin which will stand the test of time for years to come.


This bedroom is a great example of how the same colour can look different in varying lights. The first wall looks grey, yet the window wall looks blue when facing it and then the door wall looks green.

The ceiling was filled and repainted. The walls were all sanded and filled before being lined. The walls and woodwork were then painted in matching Farrow and Ball colours.

Hall, Stairs and Landing

This hallway went through big changes. The front door was sanded back and re-varnished. All of the woodwork was previously stained with a dark mahogany finish but has now been painted in Isomat Aqua Satin and looks so much brighter and fresher for being white. The walls were given two delicious coats of Farrow and Ball - ‘Sunshine Yellow’ (colour matched by Johnstones.)

Cosy Bedroom

My clients wanted to create a cosy and moody space for them both to relax in. All of the walls were lined before being painted with this beautiful dark green that seems to change colour throughout the day as the sun moves across the window.

Home Office

This room is intended for use as a home office and so was painted with a relaxing neutral colour that would aid concentration and provide a calm environment for my client. The colour being more neutral also allowed the focus to be brought onto the garden that is visible through the sliding doors.

Living Room

This living room wallpaper was a brave choice, but I think it looks fantastic. The pink walls were all lined before being painted and the bold colour was tempered by adding a wall of shelving opposite the fireplace and a desk area in the left alcove. This definitely helped to balance the room, as did the accents of other colours provided by the furniture, cushions and fireplace.

60’s Inspired Living Room

This living room is painted with ‘India Yellow’ by Farrow and Ball. The paint was colour matched by Johnstones. My client has a penchant for 60’s décor and design, and this colour seemed perfect for the vision she had in mind. The ceiling was first stripped of woodchip, sanded and then lined, before being painted. The walls were also cleaned, filled and sanded before being painted.

Garden Room

This room needed a lot of work doing to it. It used to be bright orange and yellow! My client wanted to make the room calmer and to make the garden its focus rather than any garish décor. The walls and ceiling were cleaned, sanded and filled, then painted white. An accent colour of ‘Arugula’ by Benjamin Moore was used below the dado rail. This was colour-matched by Johnstones. The room looks so much more sophisticated now!

Old to New

Being able to transform neglected areas of woodwork is one of my favourite aspects of my job. Here are a couple of ‘before and after pics’ as an example. How satisfying!

Children’s Bedroom

This bedroom is for a 4-year-old boy who requested that his room be painted in ‘Paddington Blue’. The ceiling was stripped of woodchip wallpaper and then sanded, filled and painted white. The woodwork needed a lot of TLC. It was cleaned, sanded, filled and caulked before being painted white again too. The little boy is very, very happy with his new bedroom and now says that he wants to be a decorator like me when he grows up!


This bedroom was also painted in ‘Arugula’ by Benjamin Moore. I adore the way that the light from the two window walls slowly moves across the room throughout the day, constantly changing the way that the walls look and the way that the room feels. This has become one of my favourite colour choices for bedrooms that have lots of light.

Garage Doors

These garage doors were cleaned and then re-stained with a light oak wood stain.

Bedroom Before and After Pictures

This room went through a huge transformation. The first task was to clean all of the walls, ceiling, and woodwork before filling, caulking and sanding the entire room. I filled the large holes that were left in one of the walls and used stain blocker on the damaged areas of the radiator. The ceiling and loft hatch were painted white. The walls were then painted with ‘Skimming Stone’ by Farrow and Ball. The woodwork was painted white again with Isomat Aqua Satin to finish the room off. The client and I were thrilled by the results!

Hall, Stairs and Landing

This hall, stairs and landing was thoroughly brightened up with a deliciously bold choice of bright yellow paint. There was a lot of work put into this job because the area was in quite a neglected state. I stripped back all of the old paper, mended the broken spindles, filled large holes in the walls, sanded everything, re-lined the walls and fixed some badly damaged areas around the front door surround. The final results were definitely worth it though!

Living Room

This beautiful living room went from shabby to chic! The newly papered feature wall looks impressive next to the brilliant white ceiling, walls and woodwork. The bare wooden shelving and door were painted white to match and the previously beige tiled fireplace surround was given a complete makeover. The fire surround was lightly sanded, undercoated twice and then given two coats of light grey paint (chosen to match the wallpaper) with an eggshell finish. Fabulous!


I painted these MDF made-to-measure shelving and storage boxes in a light grey, with a satin sheen. They were lightly sanded in between each coat to prevent furring. They have a beautiful smooth finish and my clients are very happy.


This nursery was a delight to decorate! The transformation from worn out purple walls to this lovely light and bright room with teddy bear wallpaper was dramatic. I hope this room is enjoyed by children of all ages for years to come.


This conservatory was brought up to date with some stylish wallpaper and a lick of paint. Grey tones really are so fashionable at the moment.

Front Door Makeover

A beautiful, freshly painted front door and glossy concrete steps. It looks so smartly dressed now!

Feature Walls

Open Plan Living Area

These two rooms had been ‘knocked through’ to create a larger space. I treated all of the new plaster with a mist coat and then applied this sophisticated light grey colour. The woodwork all has a white eggshell finish.

Entrance Way, Stairs and Hallway

I stripped all of the thick and heavily painted brown anaglypta off, that was previously applied to these walls. The hall was then re-plastered before I returned to complete the job. I adore this choice of dark blue / Navy below the dado rail and white above. It’s made the whole entrance feel so much more appealing!

Kitchen Makeover

This is a real family room with amazing light and it has space for a large table and LOTS of colour. A light Grey was used on the walls which I think provides a perfect backdrop to show off the multicoloured lights against. The bold splash-back and Teal feature wall all add to this kitchens charm and sense of joy.

Hall and Stairway

This client isn't afraid of using striking colours and their hallway was no exception. I think this dark green works particularly well against the neutral colours of the banisters and flooring. It now feels so warm and welcoming to come home to on a cold night.

Attic Conversion

This attic conversion was a favourite residential project of mine due to the clients' bold choices of wallpaper and colour.

The new wall plaster was mist coated and painted. The new woodwork was also bare and untreated, so this needed a shellac based undercoat to seal the knots and was finished with 2 coats of water based gloss.

Large Hall, Stairs and Landings

My clients wanted to make their large magnolia hall feel a little more cosy, but the dark blue carpet that they didn't really like also had to stay. So I was asked to paint the high ceiling in a complementary tone of red and soften the wall colour using a light linen tone.

The woodwork was re-painted white and rugs were added to break up the colour of the carpet. I think the effect is quite warming and much more welcoming than the previous magnolia look.

Garage Doors

I was asked to give these rusty and weathered garage doors a new lease of life. The transformation was dramatic and very satisfying to complete.

I started by first cleaning and then sanding the metal door and wooden surround thoroughly to remove any flaking old paint and all of the rust. I then filled all of the holes and cracks in the wooden surround with a suitable exterior filler. A stain blocker was used to prevent any residual rust from bleeding through the new coats of paint.

The door and surround were both undercoated and then were given 2 coats of durable oil-based exterior gloss to finish them.


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